About ME – IT Daddy

Greetings! My name is Robert (aka IT Daddy).  This is my blog. I use this blog as a study tool for my CCNP studies. I am a  CCNA. I am pursuing a Cisco career. I hope to achieve my CCNP by working my ass off.

I am from Wisconsin (Cheese Country). I have goals in IT, and my goals are as follows: CCNA (done), CCNP (in progress), (later) CCVP, CCSP, MCSE, and hopefully CCIE. And have my BSCS degree (almost done). I believe this level of education coupled with experience will keep me busy and I hope to make some good money some day. I hope to be a good boss and have a good boss. I desperately need a good boss, hopefully who is better in IT than I am, and wants to share his knowledge with me. Maybe he and I could be friends. That would be cool. I know sappy, but very true!

I really think CCNP, CCSP, and CCVP certifications are a powerful combination of certs, along with my BSCS degree and MCSE, Linux+ and A+. To me this is the 360 degree career I want it. It would be even cooler to top it all off with CCIP. Then I could have a good grasp of it all. I really think the networking world is totally cool. I am here to stay and grow!

Lets us kicks some butt on our studies!




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