All Cisco visios you need download here..

Hey not much. I have been so busy finishing my college degree. I will grad this December 2010. I have 2 classes left.

So Sorry for not posting. Then it is back to CCNP, CCSP, CCVP in 3 years yes.




One Response to “All Cisco visios you need download here..”

    and get the boson free subnetting calculator to check your work very nice gui to check your understanding
    then study 30 minutes a day subnetting. learn the short cuts like memorize some stuff like 2^6 = 64 32 , 2^7 = 128
    see it doubles each time. memorize stuff like that. use the site every day for 30 minutes and do not stop
    make sure to understand L2 and L3 how they really work. where they begin and where they stop. You will be tested on
    your understanding of L2 (mac level) and how Mac addresses do not leave the switch and do not go beyond routers.
    play with arp and understan arp. the rest is cake really….study NAT inside and out. this is can do it.
    but to me the above is the key and the rest just know how to do and you will not be scared on an exam. oops one more thing
    master vlsm and know by looking at the slash notation /24 /29 how /30 how many host you can is easy memorize these
    know network address and broadcast address how to arrive at and then understand ranges the values in between. to me these
    I mastered and the rest i just understood well and I did good…you can do it

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