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Refreshing Topics before BSCI..

Posted in CCNP Study Plan on February 12, 2009 by itdaddy

I need to refresh these topics(workbook format):

  1. Subnetting (Chris Bryant –
  2. VLSM (CBT Nuggets – making up my own examples)
  3. Route Summarization (Chris Bryant – my own examples)
  4. IPv6 (not sure yet)

I am trying to make up a small workbook of practice. I cannot memorize by rote some things. I have to use them and then use my rote memory techniques. In the same way I should be using them on a day to day basis if I were network engineering daily. I do not do any network engineering daily at my work (sucks), so I compensate by doing it at home on my live Cisco Rack. It is a pain in the butt to find practice on these topics but hereĀ  I list what I have found that is working for me.

Just purchased these:

  1. BSCI lab portfolio by cisco press
  2. BSCI Certification Guide by cisco press
  3. Chris Bryant CBTS BSCI course (cd1/cd2)
  4. Live lab based off of Chris Bryant Topology.

After I get my workbook built, I will outline my study plan for BSCI. I do believe in a study plan that has time limits.