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IPV6 site explains how to config your devices

Posted in ipv6 6 to 4 tunnel config DHCP WAN on March 17, 2009 by itdaddy


I will explain my configs and my testing when I am done setting up my ASA 5505 to route to an ipv6 relay server system soon….so much fun…so little time!


IPv6…6to4 Tunnel with DHCP WAN Side

Posted in ipv6 6 to 4 tunnel config DHCP WAN on February 27, 2009 by itdaddy



I have a ASA 5505 and am going to set it up on the WAN side. I have DHCP from my ISP so I need to follow this. By doing this it helps me understand IPV6 alittle better.

This tunnel configuring is only meant to be a transition mechanism and is not meant to be used permanently. Eventually all businesses will be given ipv6 blocks and then every pc will have its own ipv6 address and I do beleive NAT will not be used any more but don’t quote me on this…unless they have Ipv6 private block address NAT’d to IPV6 public address blocks. Not sure yet.

There are IPV6 relays out there on the internet. If you can tunnel to them by the config setup on your Cisco device, you can then access the ipv6 network.

test that your config worked:

Here is the config easier to read: