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VLSM Chart System – EASY!

Posted in VLSM Chart System on February 18, 2009 by itdaddy

Here is my VLSM chart system. I can remember this way easier. Kind of makes VLSM easier and more of a focus to use as many ip addresses without wasting any. But you had better make sure to allow for expansion. If you make your networks too tight? Then what? So allow for expansion.

VLSM chart system. Take out largest hosts first:



  • Column 1: How many host needed–largets first.
  • Column 2: mask needed in bit notation based off of 2^b
  • Column 3:Host result based off of 2^b (no minus 2)
  • Column4: ip ranges using vlsm largest first (last subnet watch)
  • Column5: minus1 means full 2^b – 1 = added to next subnet range start.
  • Done!

I made this up to help me do VLSM and understand how to conserve my IP addresses.  I think this will work well and it is easy to remember.