My home Lab


Pictures and topology of my home lab. Bryantt Advantage. Chris is becoming world renouned. This is my home lab. I will be studying under Chris Bryant for my CCNP courses. This is the beginning idea of my topology that I will be using for CCNP – BCSI studies.


2 Responses to “My home Lab”

  1. Jason Slow Says:


    Could you recommend what routers and switches i will need for CCNP home lab and also how many routers and switches and what series of switches and routers are appropriate for both CCNP and CCVP.

    Thank you very much.

    Best Regards,

    Is Chris Bryant’s CCNP material and help good?
    What if i’m stuck and need help? Where do i go for help?
    I heard that for CCNP ROUTING, even dynamip is good but when it comes to SWITCHING, dynamip does not help at all. If so, what alternatives ?

    • 3550 x 2 and 2 2950s and 1760 routers x 3 would be a good start with 12.4 IOS
      chris bryant is great very details. and CBT nuggets is good but to me 2nd to Chris bryant CCNP.
      his is the best ccnp

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