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Study with pressure-perform Excellently!

Posted in How to Perform Under Pressure on February 23, 2009 by itdaddy


Read Scientific Mind article about how not to choke. Great for studying for Cisco exams or any exams.

Summary of article: Study and train under pressure and when you take your exams, you will do better. Train how you are to be tested and you will do much better. Time your studies; race yourself in your command setups and configurations. The Cerebellum is the back of the brain and is where you perform things and skills automatically without observing yourself or thinking consciously about it. Example typing is a Cerebellum operation or you could think about it but when you do it is much slower. As soon as you start judgingyourself and thinking about whatyou are doing you mess up. Study where it becomes natural and a part of your brain who you are. And then study with a timer. I am studying with a kitchen timer know. So I can create some pressure while I study..I will let you know how it turns out. I am excited to race the clock….create pressure and jam!

Fro a number of years now we have been developing and working with a technology that allows athletes (from any sport) to reproduce the exact action and function they perform in competition, under loads and at speeds that replicate on field performances. By combining this with heightened noise levels during training the elevation in proprioception is producing excellent results in competition and time taken for completion of tasks reduces dramatically. Its clear that if you get athletes training functionally and under higher time / noise stress levels they can translate that into superior performance on the field. Chris Toal