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CCNP Home Lab Topology almost done!

Posted in My Home Lab Setup on February 15, 2009 by itdaddy


My home lab looks exactly like. I have everything shown above. And this coming weekend I should have it all cabled and ready to program all interfaces and then it is lab ready for my CCNP labs. Later on I would like to get a layer 3 switch. I am watching Cat 3550 and an EMI image I have already for it to run layer 3 protocols on for ccnp BCMSN studies. I really love a real home lab. I will also be using GNS3 for my IPV6 skill-set studying since most of my home lab images cannot run Ipv6 addresses. But it is all doable. I love my 2511 access router and my new edition to the family my ASA 5505. And man is he fast running. When I run a copy run start. Bam! saved. I will be configuring her as well soon. Cannot wait. I am so excited. Yeah I am into the cisco gear can’t you tell. I love playing with my toys!