BSCI Study System

Schedule and system of study for BSCI:

  1. Watch Chris Bryant BSCI Course (2 CDs)
  2. Practice my labs with my Lab portfolio/Chris Bryant Instructions
  3. Read the Cisco Press Certification Guide
  4. Practice with some test engines possible transcender
  5. Pray
  6. Exam Ready!

I want to take the CCNA refresher because I need it. I mean as soon as I looked at VLSM, Route summarization, and subnetting, I remembered how to do it after 1 problem but I got scared. I haven’t been doing any Cisco stuff since I have been attending my college classes. Right now it is engineering physics I am taking and believe me it is all I have time for. But I am almost done. All I have is programming classes left which I can juggle CCNP study with College due to I am a programmer by nature.  Cannot wait till I am done with my BS degree. Then I can just focus on my Cisco career which is all I want to do. You know bathe myself in Cisco right to the top (CCIE ?) Yeah!


One Response to “BSCI Study System”

  1. Rofi Neron Says:

    this is the next on my table, I’ll use Chris Bryant though I didn’t like his ISCW video
    point 5 taken! pray, pray, pray 😉

    blogging toward CCNP at – join me and boost my motivation!

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