Good news…Man I do remember!

Hey guys. I remember my subnetting, vlsm and route summarization! Yeah. I just reviewed my ccna blog and was able to remember all of my

  1. Subnetting
  2. VLSM
  3. Route summarization

Now the IPV6 I need a good workbook on this. I have seen some on the internet but dated 2004 and 2006.. Will get back with you on the IPv6 practice…

 Yo dogs! I am back and I am working on my BSCI exam. But first I have to refresh myself. Man havent touched my lab in months. I have been working on a physics class and any of you ever take physics you understand me.

but I think once my class is done I will have some weekly time to devote to CCNP BSCI and hope to get my blog back up and running to post my results.

My concern now is this:

  1. IPV6 practice
  2. Routing Practice BSCI
  3. Subnetting practice
  4. (VLSM practice- U+1)
  5.  (Route summarization. L =)

this to me is the scope of things for BSCI..trying to do alittle each day where I am doing it each day as if I had a job doing it. I have seen guys who do it all day study a week and bam they hammer the exam. I try to make it real world.


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