Refreshing Topics before BSCI..

I need to refresh these topics(workbook format):

  1. Subnetting (Chris Bryant –
  2. VLSM (CBT Nuggets – making up my own examples)
  3. Route Summarization (Chris Bryant – my own examples)
  4. IPv6 (not sure yet)

I am trying to make up a small workbook of practice. I cannot memorize by rote some things. I have to use them and then use my rote memory techniques. In the same way I should be using them on a day to day basis if I were network engineering daily. I do not do any network engineering daily at my work (sucks), so I compensate by doing it at home on my live Cisco Rack. It is a pain in the butt to find practice on these topics but here  I list what I have found that is working for me.

Just purchased these:

  1. BSCI lab portfolio by cisco press
  2. BSCI Certification Guide by cisco press
  3. Chris Bryant CBTS BSCI course (cd1/cd2)
  4. Live lab based off of Chris Bryant Topology.

After I get my workbook built, I will outline my study plan for BSCI. I do believe in a study plan that has time limits.


2 Responses to “Refreshing Topics before BSCI..”

  1. I concur. Rote memorization is tough, especially as networking skills tend to require some context that simple memorization does not provide. You might try Once you learn (brush up) on how to subnet, it provides a nice place to practice.

    Do you have any follow-up to report on the effectiveness of the workbook?


  2. starting to study for ccnp route exam, what do test-takers have to say about the new exam vs the older one?

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